Artists Statement

by Jane Lieber Mays

As I was developing my career as a portrait painter, I found myself faced with the complications of a woman’s life. How can a woman balance the engaging responsibilities of marriage and motherhood with her passion for and a career in art? Out of curiosity, I began to research the women artists missing from my formal education. I found companionship with strong women who made art within the demands of traditional roles.

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Project Introduction

by Deanne Beausoleil

In the spring of 2007, artist Jane Lieber Mays asked me to join her as a collaborator in the creation of Our Foremothers, the project we established to document and present history’s little-known women artists. To realize our vision, Jane has painted a series of striking portraits of the female artists not included in her formal art education. When the project is complete, visitors will be able to enter a large room filled with these pioneering women—who will be looking directly back at viewers, challenging them to acknowledge the truth of their obscured existence.

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