Anne Vallayer-Coster

French, 1744-1818

Unlike many of the artists of Our Foremothers, Anne received a great deal of formal training. Her career included membership in the Royal Academy of Painting and Sculpture in Paris and a position as court painter to Marie Antoinette. Everyday objects were the subject matter of her paintings. However, she moves them out of their banal realm into a moment of lush appreciation. The shine of a pitcher, the tonality of color on a shell, and the consideration of a dead hare as both a prospective meal and a beautiful texture, are all examples of the objects that she renders larger than life. In Jane’s painting Anne stands in front of one of her works and gazes off the canvas, emphasizing the artist’s power of observation. Recent scholarship has revived a universal appreciation of her exquisite still-lifes.

Original Works Referenced

François Dumont
Anne Vallayer-Coster
The Cleveland Museum of Art
The Edward B. Green Collection

Alexander Roslin
Portait of Anne Vallayer-costner
c. 1783
Private Collection

Still-life with Silver Pitcher
Private collection