Clara Peeters

Flemish, 1594-1657

Clara produced hundreds of paintings during her career. Although some of her works include figures such as the portrait that provides inspiration for Jane’s painting, Clara is known as one of the originators of the still-life genre. She is also considered one of the originators of the “banquet piece,” a still-life of an ostentatious table setting. Her accomplishments include developing the use of the self-portrait reflected in the shiny surfaces of the luxurious objects of her paintings. The use of this device advertised her skill as a painter and acted as a signature. Jane’s painting includes some of Clara’s stock imagery—items often associated with luxurious table settings: Bread sits on a silver plate, shrimp and citrus fruits litter the surface of a table, and reflective objects like glasses and pitchers remind us of Clara’s expertise as a painter.

Original Works Referenced

Circle of Clara Peeters
c. 1620
Location Unknown

Fish and Cat
Washington D.C.
Holladay Collection
National Museum of Women in the Arts

Museo del Prado